Thursday, 28 June 2012

Our Favourite Shops No.14

Every Thursday we bring you The Daily Constitutional guide to the best of London shopping – independent, one man- and one-woman bands, unique boutiques, singular emporia and London institutions.

These are our favourite shops. To nominate your favourite shop for inclusion send us an email with a short description and a brief reason why you think it is the best shop in London.

14. Gerry’s

What: An “Offy” – Off License or Liquor Store

Where: Old Compton Street, Soho

Why: Why? Because our every smallest dipsomaniacal wish is Gerry’s desire. From Framboise to Angostura Bitters to beers of distinction, to the Rolling Stones’ own label wine (!), Gerry’s has it all. The principle at work here is the same as that behind any great bar: expertise. Just as you will never catch out a great barkeep with any request, so too at Gerry’s you’ll find everything you need to make your party go with a swing.
And they are modest with it. Their website claims “at Gerry’s you can buy ALMOST every drink under the sun!”



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